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Powerful to use, hard to explain - you really have to see it.

Every organization is different, but many of the systems management challenges we face are the same.

RCT Community - our free tool - is a great place to start but the full suite of Right Click Tools,
RCT Enterprise, simplifies and automates some of all of the biggest and most time-consuming
challenges you face as a Systems Administrator.

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Troubleshoot problems faster and more accurately than ever before.

Put simply, if you’ve got problems, we’ve got Right Click Tools.

RCT Enterprise helps you discover what’s wrong quickly, and immediately take action to fix it.

When your environment has fewer problems, it’s more healthy and secure, leaving more time for the fun stuff.

Advanced automation combined (beautifully) with actionable reporting.

Don’t let your imagination limit your automation. Automate complex, multi-step tasks in minutes.

Then use the automation you've built to act on environment data you surface, with a simple right-click.

See the tools with a 30 minute overview

What’s slowing you down?  OSD?  
Content Management?  Compliance reporting?
Enterprise can help with that.

Task sequence trouble? Encryption compliance nightmares? Not enough time for cat videos? Our best-loved
Enterprise tools help you do better at tackling the toughest jobs out there, in a hurry.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular work-eliminating features among our community
of SysAdmins.

RCT Builder/Runner

Tackle complex, multi-step problems by using Right Click actions as building blocks for automation. Create and share your own creations so the team builds on everyone’s expertise.

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Smart Reporting

Surface data, refine results, and take action with in-console improvements to WQL Queries. Tackle some of the world’s most common trouble spots (looking at you, Software Update Deployments!) with the Security and Compliance Dashboard suite.

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Enhanced Console Functionality

Improve existing SCCM functions - manage content more easily/accurately, troubleshoot deployments, run PowerShell scripts, and much more.

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Security and Auditing

Active Directory and SCCM device cleanup, BitLocker management tools, LAPS compliance reporting, and a full RCT Audit log help your environment stay more healthy, managed, and secure.

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Lab Manager

Schedule and automate the provisioning of kiosks, lock down devices to a single purpose, and easily manage changing end-user requirements over time

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Role-Based Permissions

Centrally manage and control
user permissions so that everyone benefits from the right click tools
they need.

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Device Tools

The Right Click Tools have a host of device tools, including system information, client actions, console tools, and more.

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User Tools

From changing passwords to managing group memberships, access to your most-needed AD user functions has never been simpler.

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Dedicated Support

Full remote support is included
with RCT Enterprise. Also check out the community forum, Wiki, and Slack Channel.

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If you have questions about how RCT Enterprise will benefit your specific environment, let us know by booking
an overview with one of our product experts below.

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Here's what other SysAdmins using Right Click Tools are saying:

 “We use Right Click Tools to clean up user old profiles in all the right ways, get current computer information including BIOS, uptime, running services, installed Apps, etc-- and love that further right clicks offer actionable items.”

Chris H.

California State University, Chico

 “Improved Security Reporting and Compliance – RCT has hands-down the best patch reporting tool I have ever seen for MS. It not only gives you live compliance data on demand, but can even remediate patches if desired from the same console. I cannot overstate the value here.”

Operations Engineer

Centura Health

 “I love having the consolidation of remote-based actions located in the console, this saves such a huge amount of time. Many of the actions provide great initial triage when trying to locate an issue.”

Dan T.

Goldsmiths University of London

"If you were to ask me, which ConfigMgr add-on tool could you NOT live without, it would undoubtedly be the Right Click Tools."

Gary B.

Financial Institution (anonymized by request)

RCT Enterprise: Helping SysAdmins love their console again, for real.

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